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Holiday Farm Fresh Foodie Box

Holiday Farm Fresh Foodie Box

Sierra Oro Farm Trail
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This box takes you down the farm trail to all of your favorite family farms for a sampling of the products you know and love from Butte County. The box will be delivered to your front door from the farm.

*Substitutions may be in place based on product availability

Calolea Olive Oil

Organically grown olive oil is handpicked, custom milled and cold-pressed within 24 hours. This delicious olive oil is great to add to every meal. Flavors vary from plain virgin olive oil, Meyer lemon and mandarin.

*** Calolea Olive Oil flavor options may vary in each box. 

California State University Chico, Meats Lab Beef Sticks

Made of 100% beef, Chico State snack sticks are crafted in house by College of Agriculture Meats Lab Students and slow smoked for 9 hours over hickory and maple hardwood in our state of the art smokehouse

Llano Seco Salami Chub

In this Mexican inspired salami, there is cocoa powder added to the holy trinity of Mexican chili peppers -- guajillo, pasilla and ancho. This is Llano Seco’s homage to the Mexican people who live in California and whose ancestors came to California and brought with them their unique culture, food and flavor. 

Lundberg Family Farms White Cheddar Rice Cakes Minis

Rice Cake Minis pack the same delicious flavor and organic, whole-grain goodness of Lundberg’s classic Rice Cakes into a convenient mini-sized snack. Enjoy toasty brown rice minis, tumbled in savory white cheddar cheesiness with a little extra tang for lip-smacking, and fun snacking! Plus, they’re certified gluten-free and meticulously crafted from seed to smile so you can enjoy them at your table (or wherever you venture). 

Maisie Jane’s California Sunshine Products Fire Roasted Almonds

Committed to bringing out simplicity and wholesomeness, Maisie uses barrel-style fire roasters, a process of dry roasting which enhances the exceptional taste and quality of all fresh, first-rate nuts. These nuts were also used by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in the creation of Farm Trail Harvest Ale.

Milk & Honey 1860 Blood Orange Bee Soap

Natural soap made with fresh goat milk plus natural Blood Orange essential oils. Each soap bar is made with 1 oz of fresh goat milk and is completely chemical-free. These simple fresh ingredients include olive oil, shea butter, organic coconut oil, essential oil and of course fresh goat milk.

Pedrozo Dairy and Cheese Co. Northern Gold Cheese

An original California semi-firm cow's milk table cheese. Rich and Creamy with a full flavor profile that begins with a pleasantly mild sharpness tempered by sweet, floral, and pastoral notes.

Sohnrey Family Foods Premium CalRose Rice

Sohnrey Family rice is medium grain Calrose and it is considered a premium grade sushi rice grown right here in Northern California. The package contains approximately four cups in a resealable pouch that can keep it fresh and can be conveniently tucked away in the cupboard or freezer. 

TJ Farms Estates Kiwi Poppyseed Dressing

This creamy and zingy dressing is a great addition to any salad. The dressing is quite versatile and makes a great marinade for chicken or pork and is also a great addition to pasta and rice dishes. The Kiwi Poppyseed will add a kick to any meal that you drizzle it over. 

Wagon Wheel Market Santa Maria Style Seasoning

Santa Maria Style Barbecue was made famous in Santa Maria Valley in California’s Central Coast.  Wagon Wheel’s Santa Maria Seasoning is centered around tri-tip that has been seasoned with black pepper, salt, and garlic salt and grilled over red oak. Great for grilling!