Orders after Dec 11 will be delivered or ready for pick-up after Christmas!

Holiday Farm Fresh Foodie Box

Holiday Farm Fresh Foodie Box

Sierra Oro Farm Trail
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While parties and entertainment may be limited this year, let us do the work on selecting the region’s best farm fresh products for your holiday needs. Butte County is known for producing nuts. Special selections that will be in the box include: 

Sohnrey Family Foods
Roasted Garlic Almonds - 16 oz 

Roasted almonds...roasted garlic...these two were meant to be together.   Developed from the late and great Grandpa Ivan Sohnrey's own recipe for garlic flavored almonds, these Roasted Garlic Almonds are made with real roasted garlic. A Sohnrey Family favorite snack and  best seller. 

Explore Butte County Co-Branded
Dark Chocolate Toffee Almonds - 4 oz 

Dark Chocolate lovers, this is the almond for you. These almonds are covered in a thick layer of extra dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content with a layer of crunchy toffee surrounding the nut. 

Chico State University Farm
Pecans  -12 oz

The orchards at the University Farm provide students an opportunity for hands-on instruction. Chico State Farm has10 acres of pecans, these special nuts add undeniable zest and flavor to any meal, as well as nutritional benefits, 

Organic White Chocolate Lemon Poppyseed Thin Stackers - 3.3 oz

Lundberg Family Farms Lemon Poppy Seed Chocolate Thin Stackers feature premium organic, Fair Trade white chocolate atop a deliciously thin rice cake. With a splash of lemon and a sprinkling of delicate poppy seeds, this wholesome treat is great on its own, topped with fruit, or crumbled over your favorite ice cream!

Llano Seco
Butterfly Popping Corn - 16 oz 

Large kernels are tender and sweet in flavor one of the best poppers. Add dried spices such as chili flake or black pepper or just appreciate the delicate, nutty simplicity with a touch of salt.  

Maisie Jane's
Honey - 12 oz Bear

Straight from local beekeepers hives, this delicious honey is produced in the lower foothills of Northern California and is of superior quality only nature can provide.

Lavender Ranch
Certified Organic Culinary Blossoms - .5oz

Add Lavender Blossoms as you would rosemary. A similar herbal, piney flavor with light floral touches perfect for sweet and savory dishes. Include a pinch of our delicious gourmet lavender sugar, adding a touch of decadence to your meals.

Calolea or Butte View
Olive Oil - 8.5 mL

Organically grown, handpicked, custom milled and cold-pressed within 24 hours, this delicious olive oil enhances every meal. Brands and flavors may vary in each box.